Marked and Dangerous (On Hold)

Marked and Dangerous (On Hold)

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Cassandra By caz_be_crazy Updated Oct 21, 2012

Deandra is working on a case that involved over 30 murders. The only thing all the murders seem to have in common is that they are completely and totally random.

But what happens when a lead points Deandra and her friends in a different direction? One Direction, the new boyband, the one Deandra's beautiful four year old daughter, Chloe, is so crazed about, the band that has girls swooning over them 24/7, the band that has top level security at all times...

Deandra finds it hard to believe that this new band could possibly be the murderers, but what can she do when all the clues seem to lead in One Direction?

caz_be_crazy caz_be_crazy Oct 02, 2012
@XeniaBolton hahaahahahahaha thanks for the phenomeniall comment:P lol:) glad you like it:)
XeniaBolton XeniaBolton Oct 02, 2012
                              I love this heaps and heaps and you've started the story so strongly. I am literally HOOKED already!!
DarkElementsXo DarkElementsXo Aug 28, 2012
The summary is amazing, it seems so professional. This chapter is the same; very well written and flows really well. The dialogue is done extremely well and the descriptions are excellent :)
TatianaYoung TatianaYoung Aug 28, 2012
The words are fine all you have to worry about in the future is the context just don't change that it wil be fine, not to mention you added a few exxtra words to my vocabulary. XD
caz_be_crazy caz_be_crazy Aug 28, 2012
@TatianaYoung yeah, sorry about that:) Will you tell me which words please? because to me they all make sense because, as you said, i'm an aussie:P lol
TatianaYoung TatianaYoung Aug 28, 2012
Thriller moment....I want to know more
                              and I sense that you are an aussie some of the words are a bit confusing.  But after looking at the context I understood them just something to think about.