forgotten mate

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jerkyiwi198 By jerkyiwi198 Updated 23 days ago
danielle is this shy but confident wolf, her pack has always picked on her, making her do all the work weither it had to do cleaning dishes, washing the packs cars, or cooking. Her parents died in a battle when 10 rogues surrounded both parents. Her older brothers never stood up for their baby sister and definatley dosent care about danielle. When she thougth that her mate carter a player cared for her and mated her leaving her pregnant, she ran to tell carter the good news and found carter screwing someone else she flees. Now her only goal is to forget about her mate and to survive and keep her baby from carter.
@jerkyiwi198 Hmm. Good advice. That must explain why I wrote my newest story. Well it was supposed to be a story, but winded up becoming a series. :)
... Uhh there is more to it right? It doesn't seem right to just leave the story on a cliffhanger. I can understand that it is a short story. Good book but expected more to it. :P
I'm am soooooooooooo begging you to upload your story please continue. it sounds really really really great :D :D oh and i absolutely love your comment on my wall :D