The Wattpad Killer {Editing}

The Wattpad Killer {Editing}

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Ambition_&_The_Pen By nickilovestoread1 Updated Mar 24

In light of a starving author, who writes about the deep world of killers. For what would it be like to be them in a way that is too far beyond explanation?

-unsolved murder 
-leaves unanswered questions
   Motivated yet again by Stephen King and two of my favorite wattpad authors.


•Don't take this story serious, the idea came from a dream experiment. I know that none of this is likely to happen, but no one says a person can't imagine big and have fun in the process. (I write what comes to mind. What might be entertaining, not to be a published author, just to improve and develop deep imagination)

•Updated version is being written outside of wattpad. (Title: To be a killer)

•If you like please vote, comment and/or share. (That is completely up to you as the readers)
Thank you in advance!

•Updates: Tuesdays, Thursdays, (maybe Fridays) and on the weekend. (After I finish judging the awards I'm in)

First draft✔️

Cover by @avadel ❤️

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