Chains Made of Stars- ON HOLD

Chains Made of Stars- ON HOLD

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Liz Of The Road By Liz_Lane Updated Mar 20

In what can only be described as a moment of pure, unadulterated stupidity, Mith agrees to help a trigger-happy, thieving, scheming, possibly-demented fifteen year old scoundrel of a boy bust a 20,000 year old Greek sea monster (among others) out of a heavily guarded prison in the sky. 

Yes, you read that right.

Mith belongs to a secret society of astronomers and seafarers, who have, for centuries, been the guardians of the Ark. The Ark is a land of insanity and ever-constant darkness, home to ancient monsters trapped in constellations. Because said constellations aren't convoluted patterns created by (mildly) inebriated astronomers, they're real, live breathing monsters; trapped in the stars and imprisoned in the  sky for crimes no one remembers. Vicious scorpions and gargantuan sea monsters, vain queens and weak kings, raging bulls and ten-headed serpents; the Ark has them all.

Next time you look up at the sky, remember to wave at the inmates.

If they haven't already broken out and started the apocalypse, that is.

Don't be fooled by the pretty (if I do say so myself) cover, this is not a story of manic pixie dreamboys and dreamgirls making out under the stars. The following characters are rude, crude, evil and can swear enough to make a sailor blush. However, if chronically depressed lyres and midnight skydiving are more to your taste, I recommend reading this book. 100%.

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