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My Mother Runs With Wolves

My Mother Runs With Wolves

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Zoe Blessing By Zoe_Blessing Updated 2 days ago


Maddie's mother is a Shifter, who can transform into a wolf at will. Her father, however, is a Wolfstalker, a member of an order dedicated to hunting Shifters. It wasn't Maddie's choice that her parents fell in love and defied pack and order to be together. It wasn't her choice to be born a half-breed.

Not quite a member of either side, Maddie feels utterly alone. Her parents don't know how Shifters or Stalkers might react to someone like her, so they keep her identity a secret. She's to go to school like any other sixteen-year-old, stay out of trouble, and avoid situations that might bring attention to herself.

Things aren't so bad, and she actually makes friends at her new school. But things quickly spiral south when her Stalker uncle finds out about her. His arrival marks the beginning of a series of events that catapult her out of anonymity and into the awareness--or possibly the crosshairs--of The Order of the Wolfstalker. Maddie must think fast and figure out a way to keep herself and her family safe, or risk losing everything. Including her life.

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