Taint (Formerly Claimed) Dark Midnight 1

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Nikki By nikki_says_so Completed
As a suffering epileptic with uncontrolled siezures, Miriam always knew she was different.  For her, it's better to be invisible--but that all changes when He comes to town; a boy with murder in his eyes, and blood on his soul.  
    He's different too.  Maybe not even human...
    But there's a dark secret behind the truth of Miriam's siezures.  Her days are numbered--and she doesn't even know it.
    Only one thing can save her.  
    One person.
    It's too bad that the curse that could end up saving her life, could be the very thing that destroys it...
Alright I'm slightly confused but Im still gonna read it cuz it sounds awesome and Ive only read two whole books today and I dont know what I would do if I read under three in a day!
Umm..just curious? Does them wanting to find the rest of the seven mean that they don't mind the world to go into chaos??
Even though nikki says (no pun intended XD) that you dnn't need to read this to understand Staked, I say read it anyway. It's an amazing read that you will just not want to stop reading. Beautiful descriptions and writing style and the characters are all so interesting.
i love the story very much but to me it ends a bit abruptly. ive read the whole thing and wished it were a bit longer.
I like you book covers! A specially the other one, I would ask how you did it but you probably don't have the time to tell me. Your books are amazing and so are you! 
                                    Have a nice day!
Hey I love your stories! They're great :D 
                                    If it wouldn't be to much trouble could you read my story and maybe give me some feedback? :D thanks for your time and merry Christmas