A Thugs Passion

A Thugs Passion

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Beautiful 中Summersss By Summersss_Beauty Updated Jun 17

Rihanna Rylee Rivers is sixteen year old girl who grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. Her name maybe Rihanna but she goes by Red and she's not like most females around her way. She has smart head on her should and she don't carry herself like hoe.

Most people find Red either an ass or just complete bitch but she doesn't care because she do her regardless. She has Tom Boy side and she has girly side. Although her passion is mainly basketball growing up with two older brothers. 

She's looking forward to going to college, playing basketball, and working towards becoming lawyer. Although everyone knows it have that one thing that have to mess up the balance of the plan. What happens when the biggest drug dealer in Georgia lays his eyes on sixteen year old Red.

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