Violate Me

Violate Me

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monkogs12 By monkogs12 Updated Apr 09, 2015

He's detached. Heartless, cruel and unforgiving. But he's also the most aggressive, strongest Alpha to exist. He's feared, he's admired- he's beautiful. All Colton has ever known was hatred. He never trusts anyone for long, and his instinct to kill dominates. He doesn't know how to socialize with people, he doesn't know how to take care of a woman- worst of all, he doesn't know how to love. 

When he meets Samantha, for the first time in Colton's life- he's terrified. She is his soulmate, the most beautiful woman he has ever laid his eyes on. And he wants her. Bad. His primal instincts kick in, and Colton knows he needs to protect her from the world. It's all he plans on doing. He treats her different. She has no idea about his real side, his real personality and one day when she runs off to find him- she finds herself in the hands of a very intimidating, terrifying Alpha- her Colton. 
How can she accept such a beast? Love a man that cold? Colton is frightened of her rejection, and even though his instinct is to ravish her, he has to hold himself back. 

But how can he when she says with those pouty lips and teasing voice, "Violate me,"

Tajj1125 Tajj1125 Apr 23, 2016
Well she needs to tell him that one of them slapped her. Colton won't like that.
IhaveSTDs-ComeAtMe IhaveSTDs-ComeAtMe Apr 08, 2016
Omg I walk on my toes too, if I walk with a whole foot I feel like I'm too heavy
I just realized that as your body grew, your clothes must've shortened so what ARE you wearing?
usernameshardtopick usernameshardtopick Aug 12, 2015
Coltan Haynes and Jensen Ackles are all I could think of after he said his name
BookLover376 BookLover376 Jun 16, 2015
I used to do that but my friend Ann has done it all her life
ridedickbicycle ridedickbicycle May 28, 2015
I'm not a fan of Colton tbh he just doesn't click with me or turn me on for some reason