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Seemingly Normal || Teen Wolf

Seemingly Normal || Teen Wolf

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wondersland By wondersland Updated Aug 05, 2016

❝Just because I can make people feel fear, doesn't mean I like doing it. Because controlling someone's fear means controlling them. And that's what I'm afraid of.❞

||Season 3a-b||

StarRunner1 StarRunner1 Sep 18, 2016
Druids don't have to be emissaries right? And emissaries can be anyone. Emissaries are advisors to a pack, so are emissaries still emissaries if they don't have a pack? I'm trying to write a character who used to be an emissary, but I'm not sure if she can still call herself one.
supernatural61314 supernatural61314 Dec 10, 2014
This sounds awesome!  Kind of like the man of fear in Charmed!