Forgiving Love | Loving You I

Forgiving Love | Loving You I

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"Would you forgive me, if I did this to you? Would you still tell me you love me?"

Vivianne Henderson, a mother to twins and a successful woman with an excellent career and a perfect marriage, loves her life. Or she did before she walked in on her husband and his mistress. 

As her life starts to crumble in disastrous ways, Vivianne has to climb back up from the pit she's fallen in. With a push from a stranger named Leigh things start to change, but to better or worse? 

Lies Vivianne never knew she'd be able to tell, spill out faster than the love she's able to give and she wonders if she's just as bad as her ex-husband.

But is there right or wrong in love?

Loving You series include three STAND-ALONE novels:
1. forgiving love
2. Love in High Places, coming soon
3. TBA