Cruel and Unusual Punishment

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Nicholas Fewell By NicholasFewell Completed
When I was a young boy my mother would punish me by sending me to my room. This is the comedic story of what would happen while I was in there.
I chose this story for some comic relief after the intense "Handprints on the Glass"!
Well, i too sound like this kid when i am send to my rooms!loli;)
Such a good write, Nicholas. You really capture the feeling : ) Vtd.
This is very humorous. Certainly tickled my funny bone. V  :-D
@NicholasFewell I've learned to take away all his Doctor Who paraphernalia OR make him sit with his folks hahaha. Great piece of writing btw, I think it's something we can all connect with :-)
So funny and I can totally relate to this. Unfortunately is NEVER works on my son, he loves his room...or should I say his TARDIS lol