Sinful's Lust

Sinful's Lust

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Midika By Midika Updated Jun 29

"You're not who I thought you were," he says gently, the soft pad of his finger tracing down my cheek. "But who you are now excites me. I think we could be evil together."

Millicent isn't perfect. She isn't the angelic leader of the mortal world like ever likes to believe. They pray to her, sing to her, hoping for wealth or plentiful crops to be granted to their families. 

But she is powerless. Until now. 

Sinful, her mate, has been the last thing on her mind, as she creates a plan to escape the clutches of the all powerful being that holds her captive. But, as Sinful falls into her life once again, she learns that she could use him to escape. 

But that means tricking the master of manipulation. A Sin himself. 

Yet undeniably, he is her mate, and with his quick wit and flirtatious behaviour, Millicent begins to wonder what she is escaping for. Maybe it's for him. But maybe wanting that, will turn her bad.