Soul Bound (Completed)

Soul Bound (Completed)

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Sophia_Heart By Sophia_Heart Completed

*Formerly called Love Happened*

Mila had an ordinary life. A cute boyfriend. Parents who were still happily married. From an outsider’s perspective, Mila had everything. 

Nobody knew just how restless she was. 

Neither did she know about the genes that lay dormant within her until Luca De Angelis came into her life in the most unexpected way possible. It seems like that one night with Luca started a catalyst of events that lead to Mila's world changing and crumbling around her. 

Suddenly she hears thoughts in her head that aren't her own, she realizes that Christian might not always be in her life, and that her parent’s marriage isn't as solid as she always believed it was. 

Most frighteningly of all, her entire perception of herself, and the world around her, changes when she learns the truth of who - or what - Luca really is.

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My mom is the same. She cried the first time she saw my tattoo ^^'
frigmostic frigmostic Apr 20
I just got a tattoo 2days back🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
Katarinaxx Katarinaxx Apr 04
If i painted my body with a tattoo.. my mom told me that i shouldn't be calling her mama/mom anymore..
BrownEyeBelle BrownEyeBelle Feb 11, 2016
From walking out the store w purpose and like she is all that w her head held high. To feeling stupid
gabieestevez gabieestevez Mar 28, 2016
OMG she was getting inked!!! Soooooo many things went through my head aaaaaah lol
gabieestevez gabieestevez Mar 28, 2016
1. I'm dying to know what she got 
                              2. If the tattoo when to her finger those are a pain in the butt to heal