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Joke Book

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[COMPLETED]  This is where you can laugh at 3 am in the morning or having a crappy day.

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(#1 in short story october 5 &#6 in humor october 26)

(i don't own the writing in the books, credits to the people who made up the stuffs in the book. :) )


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CatLover_InTokyo CatLover_InTokyo Dec 30, 2018
Who else read this in the tone of adeles song
                              "I set FIRRREE TO the rain. Watched it burn as I touched your face"?
                              Sorry dont know the actual song title.
SrijaSengupta SrijaSengupta Sep 29, 2018
I literally finished reading the last book two hours ago 😂😂
brenanaXoX brenanaXoX Sep 18, 2018
                              OMG IM IN TEARS THIS SOMG JUST TOO BOOTIFUL
eunstell_ eunstell_ Aug 07, 2018
I bursted out laughing at this. I just heard a boy singing and his voice cracking😂
eternal-eloquence eternal-eloquence Oct 07, 2018
your lies are bullets
                              your mouth’s a gun
                              and no war in anger
                              was ever won
                              put out the fire
                              before igniting
                              next time you’re fighting
                              KILL EM WITH KINDNESS