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Joke Book

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[COMPLETED]  This is where you can laugh at 3 am in the morning or having a crappy day.

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(i don't own the writing in the books, credits to the people who made up the stuffs in the book. :) )


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Xavier_Darkness Xavier_Darkness Sep 26, 2017
To be honest I've seen this too many times to laugh. Lol, its in alot of books.
Muddslide Muddslide Dec 24, 2017
it works alot better if it is a large bomb that you right kindness on there you killed a town with kindness can cross that off my bucket list
Sara-Crispino Sara-Crispino Dec 06, 2017
lorilaio11 lorilaio11 Dec 29, 2017
Things to do today
                              By shovel
                              Dig a hole and then Name it love
                              Watch people falling in love
AkaHoshiNeko AkaHoshiNeko Oct 14, 2017
How to stab people with compass:
                              Buy a compass
                              Name it kindness