Backpack ➳ h.s [au]

Backpack ➳ h.s [au]

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❝Why do you carry around that backpack?❞

❝The same reason you carry around that smile. To hide all the pain.❞ 

or in which Bonnie and Harry get to know eachother, and soon realize that they have more in common than they think- with the help of his mysterious backpack, of course.


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[from June 2014 to May 2015]

My backpack can barely fit a binder and your here talking about pain 😔
Do do do do, Dora do do do do Dora, Dora Dora Dora the explorer YEAH!
RaeAnneLise RaeAnneLise Jul 13, 2015
A girl from my school is named Kianna and she loves 1d too. omg
succmeupstyles succmeupstyles May 04, 2015
that's almost exactly what my best friend said about the new kid, but she said, "Oh that kid. Ew he's weird and no one likes to talk to him because he has a mental disorder." It's almost so close that I cried.
beckygomez281 beckygomez281 Mar 24, 2015
So a backpack can hide pain?! I'll buy one when I finally decide to get out of my warm bed...