A Nameless Alleyway (ON HOLD)

A Nameless Alleyway (ON HOLD)

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Graduel By Graduel Updated Mar 13, 2019


Nineteen year-old Alma Ingrid moved to Avalon, a city renowned for its glimmering and inviting presence, to chase her dreams of being an artist. But it seems the city has other plans for her.

After almost two years of attempts to adjust to the city's lifestyle, Alma realizes that it's a much more unforgiving place than she hoped. Things spiral into hopelessness, and on a particularly frustrating day, she reaches her lowest point. Just when things couldn't get any worse, though, she somehow wakes up having been transported to a seemingly different world.

Gradually, as Alma navigates this alternate reality, Avalon begins to unravel before her. She uncovers secret after secret, ensnaring herself within a deeply layered trap with almost no hopes of escaping. Alma finds, however, that it isn't just Avalon that's got its fair share of secrets. She's got some of her own too, some she would never even dream of having.
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