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Rules of Fate

Rules of Fate

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Hashmi Gor By HashmiGor Updated Mar 02

Ever wanted to change your Fate?  Then Samantha Lewis is your girl.  Recruited by the Society of Fatelists at a young age, she is destined for great things.  In a world that is full of normal people there is a select group that have the power to change fates.  Once discovered they must join the Society and accept whatever assignments they are given.
Everything is going according to plan until she meets her next target, Scott and things derail pretty quickly.  Before she knows it she is running for her life, with the most unlikely partner possible, hoping her fate won't lead her to Death's door.

Full of intrigue and drama, this scifi fantasy will have you hooked in no time.  Wittiness, humour and impossible situations are all standard fare in her world.  Rules of Fate twists and turns through a series of events that will have you alternately laughing and gasping in surprise as you follow Sam's journey to discover her own fate.
Perfect for fans of young adult fiction, fantasy, scifi, thrillers and adventure.

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