Turning Year

Turning Year

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Every year, people turning 14 in Stiles's village will transform into their animal. You have no idea what your animal will be, because it does not matter what you parent's animal is, you just get a animal. Until you die, this animal, this spirit within you, will keep you alive, because without one, you die.

Stiles is hoping that he is a fierce animal. He doesn't want to be a toad or a squirrel, he wants to be something big and strong, something he is not. 

After Stiles turns, he will have to face challenges, and not easy ones. And along the way, he meets a strange wolf without a pack, but there is something off about this wolf. It's different.

Book 2: Turning Heads

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I think of stiles as a Raven because their smart and mischievous and like to okay tricks, like a fox. They are also always underestimated, like stiles is
kazemomo kazemomo Sep 12, 2016
This is a very interesting concept and world. 
                              Bobcat would be interesting or any cat species. Cause cats are graceful and have good balance, but I don't see Stiles as being well coordinated. XD
Novella_girl Novella_girl Dec 02, 2015
So sad, poor Stiles he is still so little to be going through this!
SSawesomeweirdo SSawesomeweirdo May 11, 2015
This book makes me curious as to what my animal would be, wish I had one 
ohmy_blaine ohmy_blaine Jun 16, 2014
i love the concept of the book.i'm excited to read it and see where the story goes. also i think stiles should either be a black panther or a bob cat.