Can't Take My Eyes Off You

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Sissa By SissaRomanova Completed
Ferdinand and Catalina were young and in love. They were both fascinated by the strong feeling that united them, and they believed there was nothing in the world that could possibly tear them apart. Until life put on their way a great test. Maybe too great for them.
Awh, so wonderfully sweet! Such a beautiful start! I love this story already.
oh no.  Possible disease she could have are just running through my head.  I want Cat and Nando to be happy.  Regardless, another great chapter :)
That is one gorgeous cover and this is one gorgeous story thus far.  The love between these two practically leaps from the screen ;)  Such romance.  Love it.
Now im afraid to move on to the next part. I hope shes gonna be ok because im already attached to her! Ummm....I am totally moving on to the next part though.
This first page was seriously beautiful. Im headed on to the next part right now!
Now I'm scared about her nosebleed! But they are such a lovely couple and with the while chip fiasco that sounds like me and my sis haha