Beautiful Nightmares (Larry Stylinson)

Beautiful Nightmares (Larry Stylinson)

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Nightmare:  An unpleasant dream that can cause a strong negative emotional response from the mind, typically fear or horror, but also despair, anxiety and great sadness.

Harry Styles of One Direction has been having terrifying dreams for the past week. 

But in these dreams, the typical monsters cease to exist. Instead, Harry's nightmares consist of two lovers undergoing the painful crisis of separation. Whether its death or fate that tears them apart, the two young men vow to love one another forever.

Besides the awkwardness of having gay dreams while being a heterosexual, Harry knows these two boys.

One is him.

And the other?

Louis Tomlinson, his best friend and band mate that has a beautiful girlfriend.

As the dreams fail to conclude their journey through his mind, something deep inside of Harry begins to stir; something close to his heart. As the questions of why he's having these nightmares threaten to overwhelm him, Harry is forced to confront himself on the one question he never thought he'd have to ask himself.

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ha and what are u gonna do? Tweet 'I am in fact straight' as well ?
Narry_zouiam Narry_zouiam May 31, 2016
People _genuinely_  believe Harry and Louis are in a relationship. They _genuinely_ believe so
mojo_jojo98 mojo_jojo98 May 10, 2013
yay!!!! larry fanfic!!!!! im gonna be dead from feels by the end of it, im tellin ya.
oheycami oheycami Nov 21, 2012
Dude, you had me at Nightmare... haha :) cant wait to read it! <3
LarryisEdtastic LarryisEdtastic Oct 17, 2012
@Geeky_Larry_Beavers I'm glad you think it sounds good and you want to read it!! And lol that's okay! Comment how much you'd like! x.
Geeky_Larry_Beavers Geeky_Larry_Beavers Oct 17, 2012
This sounds amazing! I want to read it, but I shall do so once I get onto my other account where I can comment like a retard all I want without it affecting Eryn... you don't evem know what I'm talking about! Anyways, this sounds amazing, and bya! :) -Aylla