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Super Villain

Super Villain

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"Do you trust me?" he asked, still staring at the gray door.
     "Of course not," I said, as if the idea were absurd.
     A ghost of a smile crept at the corner of his mouth before his hand latched onto my arm again. Panic started to pool out of my nerves once more as I glanced back and forth between his gloved hand and the concealing hood upon his head.
     Curiosity never hit me so deeply than it did at that moment, as I wondered who was under the hood. Who it was that I was supposed to trust.
     "Who are you?" 
     I timidly reached my free hand up to his head, fingers tingling all the while. He didn't try to stop me. There was a brief second when excitement exploded inside me, propelling my hand all the more quicker, millimeters away from touching the black cloth.
     Ghost grabbed my hand mid-air, his reflexes acting lightning-fast, which caused me to start. Drums began to pound in my ears as my heartbeat rose about ten notches. He had his entire hand wrapped around my wrist, and he slowly eased it down until it was parallel with my body.
     "A villain can choose to reveal his identity, but not knowing is the beauty of mystery," Ghost said lowly, his right hand coming up to push back a loose strand of hair from my face. "Now close your eyes."
     Reluctantly I shut my eyes, but not because he commanded to. It was more out of fear of what was going to happen next.

mbmitchell mbmitchell Jul 12
*nods head thoughtfully* I think I'm going to like this character
RedBalloonEclipse RedBalloonEclipse Dec 21, 2016
lol I wish a guardian angle with Morgan Freemans voice would pat me on the back when I'm feeling down!
ShanayNayGhettoGurl ShanayNayGhettoGurl Mar 13, 2016
I always say this to my mother, Parents, cant live with em cant live without em
Morgan Freeman has a voice that God spent good time and money on.
*looks at calendar* February 14th *sighs sadly* they say depression can hit anytime and anywhere.... 😂😂 jk
Lol I was like "what's a huh-LOO-vah?" but I've got it now 😂😂