The Vanishing of Brandyn Taylor

The Vanishing of Brandyn Taylor

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Dorla Tognaz By DorlaTognaz Updated Apr 29

Brandyn Taylor had entered Kiera's life when she was seven years old, and they had been best friends ever since. Kiera even saw herself marrying him, but all her hopes of a happy life with him are smashed to pieces when he goes missing. The deeper Kiera gets into trying to solve the mystery, of where Brandyn's Body is, the deeper into trouble she gets herself. Convinced she is going to find a body, she sets off trying to trace his whereabouts. As she rules out all possible, feasible, reasons for his disappearance, she begins to think the un-thinkable. Has he been kidnapped? Are there drug rings involved? Someone's life can't simply be erased, leaving no trace of them what so ever. Can it?

Follow Kiera's story, as we delve into the mind of a troubled young woman, who desperately needs her best friends support, and whenever she's needed him before he has always been there for her. Why isn't he there for her this time?

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