My crush

My crush

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I had a huge crush on this football player he's one of the best players I had all his homeboys on Snapchat I never talked to them I just had them on Snapchat they added me first so I added them back 

I loved when they posted him just so I could see him I didn't have much friends I was friends with Victoria she was popular, but I was her bestfriend she had other friends , but I was her main friend I'm very shy and don't talk to many people 

Walking to lunch with Victoria we got in line i looked around the huge cafeteria feeling someone being pushed up to me I looked back seeing my crush being pushed by some girl " yo chill out " he warned her he seemed mad he looked at me " my bad " he said barely paying me any attention he skipped the whole line 

I fixed my glasses once we got our food we sat at a booth together " lunch seem pretty good " Victoria said looking over her food I nodded agreeing " did I tell you about me and omelly ?" She asked I shook my head " girl I went to h...

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