The Dream I Dreamed (A Dean Winchester Love Story)

The Dream I Dreamed (A Dean Winchester Love Story)

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Hope By WandererOShea Completed

The angels have fallen. Most of them are looking to take revenge on Castiel for forcing them from their home. Abbadon's forces are gathering strength and the Winchesters are beginning to realize just how outnumbered they are. When Kevin finds a lead on the Angel Tablet that he is still struggling to translate, Sam and Dean rush to find an ally before Abbadon can attack. But when they meet Hope, a girl with a secret that she doesn't even know about, things don't go exactly as planned. Will she be able to help them?

This takes place throughout season 9. Spoilers, obviously. There will be Demon!Dean.

Chapters are based on the song 'I Dreamed a Dream' from the musical Les Misérables.

nightowl25 nightowl25 Feb 04, 2016
How much you wanna bet that that feather is probably the only harmless thing in the trunk?