Killer (Ziall AU)

Killer (Ziall AU)

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-Short Story-

A killer is on the loose in London.

His name is "The Hunter” a serial killer named after the way he treats his victims. He is a cold blooded, heartless murderer with no remorse. Or so, that’s what the media make ‘the hunter’ out to be. Of course, he’s never been caught and his identity is a mystery to everyone. To anyone that happens to get a glance of the mysterious boy, he was a shy boy that could be a model if he wanted to.

Then you have a bartender. He lives in a shitty run down flat, works odd hours and late into the night/early mornings. And another thing: he has really bad luck.

Strong language, Alternate Universe, Boyxboy material, Mentions of Violence and gore, Dark themes 

This story is a work of fiction. These events have not and will not happen. I do not own One Direction (no matter how badly I would love to) or any of its affiliates.
This story is subject to copyright.

Stargazer58 Stargazer58 Oct 26, 2016
I thought it said "hello my names Carly". I was like wait this is a ziall book right.??
ElementalGeek ElementalGeek Sep 21, 2016
5SOS IS NOT A BOY BAND👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿😂😂😂😂😂
Nicole_Poole Nicole_Poole Jul 08, 2016
I've been searching for a story like this, very different from other fanfiction and I love the intensity of it all. I would never be able to write something so amazing.
KrisazMinaj KrisazMinaj Jul 31, 2016
This is similar to that ep in s1 of supernatural with that family that hunts ppl
FeelsGuy FeelsGuy Oct 31, 2015
"They're not a boy band"
                              "Omg  they're JUST a band, they play instruments"
Ziall1Gemini5 Ziall1Gemini5 Sep 16, 2015
Annnddddd I choose to read this... at 10 p.m.... and planned pm finishing it tonight as well.... greaaaatttt....