Paranormal (BoyxBoy)

Paranormal (BoyxBoy)

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Do you believe in the unnatural? Demons, aliens, vampires, werewolves? Yeah, well I didn't either. 
My name is Ren and I just entered an arranged marriage with the King of all weirdos. But that's just one problem; well, a few problems, actually. 

I'm a guy.

I'm only seventeen.

I'm a human, thank you very much.

But, still, somehow I ended up getting married off to the literal King of the actual Galaxy. I bet that's something no one else had ever had to say, ever.

And so I ask you, how would you feel if your so called parent and all the political powers in the world just willingly handed you over to this...this so called 'King'? 
And not just any King, oh no, the King of the new world, a paranormal world, of rather all the world's really. 

They said I had to sacrifice and marry this guy in order to save humanity, to save Earth, but as far as I'm concerned: humanity can go fuck itself. 
   There's no way I'm marrying into all this bullshit.
              It's not fair, I dare you to say it is. 

P.s. I'm sorry if you happen to be an earthling reading this, but seriously, duck you!

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ChronicallyPsychotic ChronicallyPsychotic Jun 06, 2017
Um lady! Ahem I mean witch
                              You just sold your son
                              And yet the yelling him for being rude
Leafy101 Leafy101 Feb 18
Boy you are so cute that I wish I could smuggle you with hugs right now
AshTsukiyomi AshTsukiyomi May 01, 2017
…yup…I don't give a single fück about humanity as it didn't gave a single fück about me.
MapleLullaby MapleLullaby May 13, 2017
His eyes kinda look emo just a little for some reason or is that just me...
OH DUCK! He fainted! (yes I usually use that instead of cursing)
NatalieMarkin NatalieMarkin Apr 22, 2016
If I was him I'd be getting the next bus out of there like seriously haha lol 😂😂😂