Otome Game? What the hell is that?

Otome Game? What the hell is that?

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Xivy By Cinnamon40 Updated Aug 06

Congratulations MYSELF, you have been reincarnated as the dragon in the lovely otome-game "Love Roots"!
And congratulations MYSELF, that dragon is the so-called villain's/ last boss's pet!

Yea, congrats... 'grats...

The hell congratulations!
I don't even know the plot nor the memories from my original body!
God sure is joking around huh?!
I'll make you regret throwing me into this kind of situation without any help!

But before that... a nap first.

Villain : "Why did you suddenly change your personality?"

Me : "The f*ck I'd know! Just ask some monster caretaker and they'll run away seeing me!"

Villain : "Ok...?"

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