The Players Mate

The Players Mate

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l o x x By marvell- Updated Jul 11, 2015

"Do you think this is a game?" He growled continuing to advance towards me.  

"Maybe," I growled back, stepping back until I hit a wall behind me. 

He put his hands on either side of my head trapping me. "You belong to no one else but me."   


Rianne Justice attends Jefferson High, there was nothing really special about her. She was just average to everyone, not popular, but also not a loner. She had a group of friends, but also kept to herself.  
Drew Williams also attends Jefferson High, he was known as the player. Every girl wanted him, even if they knew he wouldn't be there the morning after. He has his group of friends, and the alpha of his pack.    
What happens when Rianne ends up being Drews mate?

The grammar is actually really good... I approve. Good job. 😗
bradleycryer122 bradleycryer122 Jun 21, 2016
its just sad that this is on hold
                              ugh such a nice story though