Crimson Sky(Katekyo Hitman Reborn)

Crimson Sky(Katekyo Hitman Reborn)

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Princess Yuni By PrincessAkiraYuni Updated Sep 21

"They left me....
They Abandoned me....
They Hate me....
They Regret meeting me...."

He can't take it anymore,with the help of Primo Generations he leave his ex guardians and be with his new friend.

He is wishing for an forgiveness even he didn't do anything,His weathers accused him for what happened to their loveones even he didn't do it,He escape the pain and be with his New Guardians and friends,He left without anyone noticing except the one who believe him and the Primo's Gen.,He left only leaving the ring and Letters to the Vongola and his..... Brother....


I don't own Katekyo Hitman Reborn and Strike the blood it belongs to it's rightful owners

This Story has/is:

•The Arcobaleno Curse is already lifted but the Arcobaleno wants to be in their baby form
•Some Sentences kind of.... doesn't have sense
•Wrong grammars and Spelling
•I can't update when it's School days{Maybe}
•Some Chapters kind of boring
•OC:Other Character
•OOC:Out Of Character
•A little advance {Maybe}
•And maybe I will change Astarte's emotion and attitude lightly
•I won't Include Nana and Iemitsu(maybe,just read the story to find out if I include them in this Story) and (just think that they are on they're long long Vacation)
•Gokudera and the others are using their VG also Tsuna's Gear for his brother but different looks
•Lambo have the same look at his future look in this Story...his look is kind of mini version of Lambo TLY