Playing Him (BoyxBoy)

Playing Him (BoyxBoy)

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"Truth or dare?"


"I dare you to be in a fake relationship with Jaylon Knox and make him fall in love with you." 

 "What? I'm not gay! I'm not going to be in a fake relationship with guy and then break his heart!"  

"I don't care. You opted for a dare, I gave you one. You have two months."    

Meet Adrien Knight, a popular, seventeen year old jock that likes to party.
Now meet Jaylon Knox. He's an average sixteen year old gay kid.  

A simple game of 'Truth Or Dare?' changes everything for these boys.

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JadeEnchanted JadeEnchanted 5 days ago
My family is nosy asf but my dad would be getting his gun. 😂 😂 😂
LexiLex22 LexiLex22 Jun 21
Almost everyone at my school is bisexual/lesbian/or bi-curious/ and like 5 gay guys. No ones homophobic and the very select few get bullied for it instead of the other way around. It awesome!!
It's funny how I just know accepting people. I don't know any homophobe lol 
                              Not even at church  (but it has a gay pastor so it would be stupid to go there if you are a homophobe)
Yu break his heart 
                              I'll break your spine.
Milkshakes... ;-; Dean and Cas had a milkshake on their first date D'x
JadeEnchanted JadeEnchanted 5 days ago
I love him already. 😂 Also, I read that as Aiden Knight and thought of PrinceKenzie.