Just Breathe

Just Breathe

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"What's stopping you from giving up and ending your life right now?"

He looked at loss for words.

"You wanna know why? Because there's a part of you who still has hope, that you won't always be consumed by your own darkness."

~  ~  ~

Michael Hennick.

He's just plain rude and full of anger, he's alone and trusts no one. He gets into fights and smokes at the back of the school. He does drugs and drinks late at night. He glares and scowls at anyone who makes eye contact.

This is the stereotype that everyone sees, but they don't know his story.

He's scared to let anyone in again, he pushes people away, he distracts himself with lyrics, he tries to forget with the bottle in his hand. He writes like a poet but hides his emotions, he's afraid to dream so he doesn't sleep.

He's not a bad boy, He's just human.

Everyone has a story, not a stereotype.

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*DISCLAIMER* READ AT YOUR OWN RISK: This book deals with serious topics such as mental illnesses, addictive substances, eating disorders, and suicide. 

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