An Assasin's Blood ~A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction~

An Assasin's Blood ~A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction~

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Derpy ;3 By Derpy_is_awesome Updated Jun 24

An Assasin's Blood
A Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction

Young killer. Fresh and new but good at what she does. Only eighteen, days away from nineteen. Said to usually wear a cocky grin whether she's under the cover of night on a killing spree or at school acting like the innocent girl everyone takes her for. Manipulative, don't let her looks fool you.

Adrien Agreste, also known as Cat Noir:
Twenty years old. Been an assassin for over five years. Lethal and very manipulative. Looks the part. His civilian life is unknown and kept a closely gaurded secret by him. Kills in the night.

What happens when these two killers are told to target each other? And worse, what happens when they fall in love instead?

Story plot and AU idea is mine.
Two Assasins AU
(By me saying this au is my idea, that may not be true but in all honesty I've never seen a fanfiction where both Mari and Adrien are assasins, if you know of this au please inform me and I would appreciate it if you give me the name)
(The plot is mine alone)
(For the AU, I realize there are stories where she is a villain, but that is when she is taken under the wing of Hawkmoth {haha...pun...} and works for him as an "akuma" but not as Marinette herself, whereas my story has her as an assasin by her own free will under no one's command)

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