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Hidan's Little Sister, Neji's Lover

Hidan's Little Sister, Neji's Lover

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★|Kani|★ By ThisSaramWeeblove Updated May 02, 2018

Misaki is a 13 year old intelligent child who is the younger sister of Hidan. Being sent to Konohagakure at the age of 7 to train on her skills. As she is placed on team Gai with with her fellow teammates Rock Lee, TenTen, and Neji. During the Chunin Exams, being around Neji alot, made her think she has caught feelings for him. Neji, on the other hand is not into any relationships and only does focus on Destiny. After the fight with Naruto, realising that destiny can be changed and you put your life on the line for your friends and family Neji is still that stuck up Genius but is more gentle towards Misaki. During the time they have together Neji also feels as if he has feelings for Misaki and soon asks her out, which she accepts. As their relationship grows, TenTen soon finds out and has a grudge against Misaki.

2 years later. As Naruto is wanted for his Kyubi power. Misaki is also assigned to the squad going against the Akatsuki member Deidara with Naruto and Kakashi. As he gets away, Deidara, reporting back to his Leader, and mentions Hidan's sister Misaki as "The Hotty" and also tells Hidan how she new him, and mention Hidan as her older brother.Hidan soon realises this and with Leader sama's permission asking to go find his sister as in return she'd join Akatsuki.

Team Gai is assigned to an A rank mission which Hidan and his teammate Kakuzu finds out. During Team Gai's mission, they're separated. Rock Lee being With Misaki, and Neji and TenTen with Gai. As Misaki is in battle covering for an badly injured Rock Lee, she falls into a trap getting injured. Which Hidan sees not liking the sight. Hidan jumps in the fight protecting his little sister. The rest of Team Gai arrives shocked by the seen of seeing an Akatsuki member fighting back to back with Misaki.

Team Gai helps fight off the enemies with the Akatsuki eliminating all of them. Now, what will happen next...?

Strong Language, is probably all that's in here. XD.

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