Rendezvous Me, Kitty | Miraculous Ladybug (Fanfiction)

Rendezvous Me, Kitty | Miraculous Ladybug (Fanfiction)

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bbleh1202 By bbleh1202 Updated 6 days ago

Being a model isn't easy, especially when you've been chosen to fight alongside local heroes Chat Noir and Ladybug- both seeing you as a foe.

   Will Ladybug and Chat Noir go to trust her or try to take her Miraculous in distrust?

   After a long day of business meetings, guitar lessons, and hours in the recording studio, you're worn out. A fake ID in hand, you walk into the bar and ask for the heaviest thing they got.

   A long conversation with a mysterious emerald-eyed stranger leads to a steamy night in a hotel suite. It was supposed to be a one night stand, but it turns into constant late night rendezvous.

   Summer is over and your summer fling with the rebellious blonde remains in your memory. Just when it's all been pushed aside, you discover he's the sun of your new boss. Complications arise as those same primal instincts from the heated summer nights arise again. Will (Y/n) be able to keep up with his acts of rebellion and remain the heartbreaker she is or will the smooth Agreste ignite the fire that went out a long time ago?

"Wait, you don't know who I am?" He scoffed as (y/n) simply rolls her eyes.

"Should I? Besides, you don't know who I am either, I should feel offended." He chuckles and she lets out a heartfelt laugh, glad to finally meet someone who didn't like her for being a (l/n) but for being (y/n).

"Hey, you don't know me, I don't know you. What do you say we have some fun tonight?" His Cheshire smirk and emerald eyes were enough to put her in a trance, doing things she wouldn't normally do. This guy would be the end of her.

"I'm listening~"

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