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N'teri By Protector784 Updated Jul 28, 2011

Luella Mayville. Famous young author. And it isn't until her math teacher challenges her to write a love novel that she meets her match. Because that's where her greatest weakness is: romance. Maybe it's because her parents split that she can't bear to write about it. But at the moment, it seems to be the least of her problems. Especially when she's abducted by a clan of vampires to become one of their personal slaves.
Jason is a vampire. An immortal. And he's vain, dark, and cruel. To her great dismay, Luella is assigned to him. She can't stand him at all....until she finds him crying one night in front of a portrait of a young woman.
Luella escapes. She runs. She's finally free....until she is found by a clan of hunters. Vampire hunters, to be exact. They decide to train her to become one of their own. Six months later, she is lethal and dangerous. But she can't hide that gut-wrenching guilt she still feels for the countless others she has abandoned back in the vampires' grasps. So she sets out on a journey of her own: to hunt what she has come to fear.
She is now huntress, trained by the vampire hunters. She won't stop until she frees her companions she left behind.....and gets her revenge on those that stole her.
But her darkest fascination with this insane world is Raphael and his constant gaze prying into her very soul. She can't fight the strange wonder she feels for him...or the dark hungers for Jason. Because once again, she has fallen prey to the vampires. She is now held for ransom, and must refuse to acknowledge the sensual feelings she feel for both vampires.
Why? Because one of them is a traitor. 
One of them is bent on killing her before she has a chance to uncover the most startling secret yet.....

Protector784 Protector784 Jun 16, 2011
Being #620 on Vampire in What's Hot and being #789 on Watty Awards 2011 is amazing! I know that that's not that far to some, but to me it's AMAZING!!! thank you to all of my fans! Let's keep working to #1!!!!!
Protector784 Protector784 May 07, 2011
pee-wee98 pee-wee98 May 03, 2011
OMG saydi!!!!!!!!! I love it! You are the beat writer ever!!! And everything that you write is amazing!!! Like that thing youwrote for and both were young, from paul's point of view was incredible!!!! Eeeepp! i just love reading your works!!!
Protector784 Protector784 Mar 23, 2011
Hey guys, if you like Unstoppable, then I would highly recommend Inject Me Sweetly by XxSkater2GirlxX (I don't know if I spelled her account name right, but anyway, you get the gist. Happy reading and writing!
Protector784 Protector784 Mar 23, 2011
@XcuteiswhatiaimforX I really like your story and the idea
XcuteiswhatiaimforX XcuteiswhatiaimforX Mar 22, 2011
awesome music and story:)
                              don't stop uploading
                              and check out my story plz! it's not as good as yours but yeah lol