The Dream Trilogy Book One: To Dwell On Dreams (A Harry Potter FanFiction)

The Dream Trilogy Book One: To Dwell On Dreams (A Harry Potter FanFiction)

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The Dream Trilogy By HelenJay Completed

COMPLETE // WATTPAD FEATURED // WINNER of 'Best Harry Potter' at the Wattpad Harry Potter Fan Fiction Awards 2017 //  

Harry is lost. His parents are alive and Draco Malfoy is banging on his door. What is this place, how did he get here? And, most importantly, does he really want to leave? 

Follow Harry during his Fifth Year at Hogwarts into an alternate universe, where his parents survived that fateful night in Godric's Hollow, but he soon finds out they weren't the only ones.  Lord Voldemort still looms over the magical community and it seems his interest in Harry has not waned after fifteen years.  Events quickly spiral out of hand and Harry must rely on some unlikely friends if he is to survive this strange world and get home.  But with everything he has ever dreamed of there, at his finger tips, which reality will he chose?

"It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that Harry." J.K. Rowling.

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icecream_saturday icecream_saturday Apr 05, 2017
Reading this for the second time and I aM TOTALLY nOt CRYinG WhaT ArE You TaLKiNG aBoUt HaHAHahAHaHAHA
gummybearbastard176 gummybearbastard176 Apr 24, 2017
man if i was this tired that i couldnt even think straight and not know i was tired i would go straight to sleep
fluffysnow19 fluffysnow19 Dec 09, 2016
this is the second time i'm reading this!!
                              love it sooo much!! :)
ladyawesome45321 ladyawesome45321 Feb 14, 2016
It's always nice having a friend who will give someone the bird for you
liamthelovely liamthelovely Jul 15, 2016
Hey! This is really good! I have a few fanfics, check them out if you'd like! I'd really appreciate it!
GraceInTheRain GraceInTheRain Oct 29, 2016
But, he saw him talking to Cornelius Fudge, MoM (Minister of Magic) after his trial on the dementor attack...I mean it's your story, your choice. I just didn't know if or something
                              No offence or anything