True North

True North

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Kate J. Squires By Blondeanddangerous Completed

#1 Romance & Gen Fic!  Emily is running from fame.  Once a worldwide singing sensation, she has spent the last five years hiding from her past in a tiny mountain town. 

Enter North, the bearded man Emily almost runs over on a remote road.  Starving and exhausted, he has no memories and nowhere to go.  As North moves into Emily’s home, the gentle giant begins to give Emily back her sense of hope and direction.

With North’s past a mystery and Emily’s past a tragedy she’s desperately fighting to keep hidden, the odds are against them.  When Emily discovers who North truly is, will she accept his love, or run again?

Kukipuki Kukipuki Jun 18
It's weird though, like 80% of all the backpackers in Australia are German
Oh my goodness. Did anyone else spot the fact that both North and Marie are names from the Ghostbird series by Cl.Stone! 😂😂 I love it!!!!
brownsallie3 brownsallie3 a day ago
lol that's me. Not sure about the adorable bob though...prob resemble an apple 🍎
Jee_sama Jee_sama Jul 21
I stop reading and go back to see if there was a wolf tag lol
rabeeyah rabeeyah Aug 02
not even three lines into the book and I already am in love with the characters ❤️
This is the first time in my life that i read the author's note from the the beginning to the end , probably because i so wanna read this book