Rejected. Now Im back.

Rejected. Now Im back.

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"I, Nicholas Fowyer, Rejects you, Zermia Jackson as my mate" That was the words that lefts Nicholas's mouth.

Zermia Jackson. The sister of the beta. She was treated badly. Even her brother treats her like trash. 

What will happen? Will Nicholas regret everything? Will her brother regret of not doing his job being a brother?  Or will Nicholas accept the fact that he is mateless. 

Read. Read. Read.

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Ohhhhhhh I’m guessing that how Kate found her because of some sibling bond or whatever
StarChased StarChased Jun 07, 2017
Doctor Who fans be like: "Oh my gracious! My heart!" Right now. (I.E. me)
For one thing paper is so thin how could he feel that and why crying now should have done that ages ago like if this book was I would walk over to him and slapped him so hard he would go all the way to the 1800s
Why do they always blame the mate like all of yall hurt her and you blame her mate you all some hoes.