Rejected. Now Im back.

Rejected. Now Im back.

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Tarts By ScorchMeBaby Updated Jan 06, 2018

"I, Nicholas Fowyer, Rejects you, Zermia Jackson as my mate" That was the words that lefts Nicholas's mouth.

Zermia Jackson. The sister of the beta. She was treated badly. Even her brother treats her like trash. 

What will happen? Will Nicholas regret everything? Will her brother regret of not doing his job being a brother?  Or will Nicholas accept the fact that he is mateless. 

Read. Read. Read.

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1thatswhatshesaid1 1thatswhatshesaid1 Feb 04, 2018
Ohhhhhhh I’m guessing that how Kate found her because of some sibling bond or whatever
Nichiqua24 Nichiqua24 Jan 03
They had a sister??? Wow it's getting interesting now😏😏😏
1020ck 1020ck Jan 06
Only know you've been high when you're feeling low
                              Onl hate the road when you're missing home
                              Only know you love her when you let her go
LillacRose789 LillacRose789 Nov 02, 2018
I started thinking of the muffin song when I read “Yow cow”
voiceofhearts321 voiceofhearts321 Dec 07, 2018
Lol well Zermiah sounds like a boy name and Nashilyn sounds like a girl name
egulamov egulamov 6 days ago
Never ever have I woken up at 3 am, 
                              Stayed up till 3 am hell yeah,
                              Woken up at 3 am hell no.