Just Add Walter

Just Add Walter

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krista By CrayonChomper Updated Dec 19, 2014

Every story needs a catalyst.

For Wren Jamison, it was Walter Quinn.

*   *   *   *   *


Science will tell you it's a substance that speeds up change.

So I looked forward to the day I would stop being a sleeping in, semi-seriously homeschooled, number one Dave Franco fan girl.

But I never thought that day would come so soon, so quickly – and I never figured that Italian sports cars, designer clothes and an army of girls ready to claw my eyes out would come with it.

And what exactly did I need to do to turn from a completely nutty nobody to the kind of person everyone kept their eye on?


Just Add Walter.

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_AlanaBanana_ _AlanaBanana_ Aug 15, 2016
Excuse me? 
                              Can I please have a Walter? 
                              THEY ONLY EXIST ON WATTPAD? 
Moonlight_royalty Moonlight_royalty Feb 21, 2016
I can't help but think I'm already going to love this book. And @TheQuirkyGeek you should read it.
thelonebatgirl thelonebatgirl Dec 16, 2016
Reminds me of that platypus documentary from Phineas and Ferb. 😂
aislinncp aislinncp Aug 31, 2016
Did anyone else laugh at the title for a solid 10 min? Because I did
fresabella fresabella Jan 07
Yep..i feel u my family thinks the same bout me😧but i dont care😂i love it😁😁
icegreentee icegreentee Feb 11, 2016
I tHOUGHT IT WAS jUST ADD WATEr and I was like wasn't that the crocodile water game app