Lost Runaways

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bw_infinity By bw_infinity Updated 2 years ago
Kaitlyn and Daniel Bernard, seven years ago, got a new mom. She is a cold hearted, cruel witch that before they know it, kills their father and her husband. But before Kaitlyn can think straight, she is being accused of murder along with her brother. The two narrowly escape and are now on the run. They cannot talk to the cops, the evidence against them is too large. They decide to find their birth mother, the woman who abandoned them years ago. They don't know what they will find or what they expect to get from it, but they can't go home. They don't have a home anymore.
Wow, this is a lovely start to your stories. I also noticed a few mistake but everyone has them( well I do anyway)
This is so good! I love your styles of writing, it's unique. Ugh that Dallas needs to get her ass kicked! (Excuse me for my language :p)
That Dallas! I just hate her, she's so cruel! Very well written!
Okay. this is good. Adding this to my reading list. 
                                    You definitely got my vote and fan. :D
This is good.
                                    I do agree with the person before me about the mindset, but you seem to get away with it pretty well, you know, the whole "older that her years". Great job, and sorry it took me so long to comment! :D