Alpha's Blind Mate

Alpha's Blind Mate

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Emerson By betaplus96 Updated Jul 21, 2017

Mavis Lynne Kingston grew up unloved and bullied by her pack members and blood. Ever since her birth her parents were appalled and ashamed to have a defected child. 

Mavis grew up with the the knowledge that she was nothing and lucky to still be breathing. She cooked, cleaned, did all that was asked of her and continued to hope for the one thing she never got. 

Mavis grew up only wanting to be loved. When Mavis finds out that her mate is none other then Alpha Jake, the one who lead the bullying against her, will she be able to accept him?

Can she forget all he's put her through and put it in the past?

Or is forgiveness to much to ask for?

Please be aware that there is graphic violence and language. Some chapters/ scenes may not be appropriate for those under the age of 17.

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RozeB1ack RozeB1ack Jul 21, 2017
Well she basically is her's without the potion she wouldn't have been born.
betaplus96 betaplus96 Jun 21, 2017
She may be blind however she dreams in color for some reason and her wolf has been able to catch glimpses of color so she knows something about it
Tam_the_Kitten Tam_the_Kitten Sep 07, 2017
Great to have a more special character in Mavis. Rarely you do see someone with such a disability as Blindness and in the end it'll make her stronger. You don't need eyes to truly live.
MBqwertyaaa MBqwertyaaa Jun 19, 2017
I'm just asking, how does she have any concept of color? She's been blind her whole life.
RozeB1ack RozeB1ack Jul 21, 2017
It's getting annoying seeing all "how can she see that?" "How can she do that without seeing?" Ect. She couldn't see from birth she had a magical werewolve elder teaching her stuff. Get creative and think magic, practice something think past the words on the page. She blind not a vegetable.
xXbananasplitxX xXbananasplitxX Mar 18, 2016
Let's just pretend that her wolf can help her sense where everything is or Some thing like that