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toxic dillione. | tyga >>

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Usually, when two people split up and end up having a kid together, everything goes down hill .. well, that's pretty much what happened for me. I now have a three year old son named Aaron who turns four in two months. Along with my new pride and joy, came his mother, Dillione. 


Dill was toxic if you'd let her be. I think the only reason she even captivated and intrigued me was because she was different. She was beautiful, and was always willing to try new things. Not only was she book smart, but she was street smart, exactly how I like my girls.

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ooouuugirl ooouuugirl May 01, 2016
Yaaasss I think this is the best tyga story I have read so far and it's only a intro💯😛
-pinkpasos -pinkpasos Feb 24, 2015
omggg this prologue was everythingggg. im super excited to see what goes down Dillione and Michael!
Emigods Emigods Dec 29, 2014
Hi i see you're using the cover I made you, but you didn't credit me, and part of my rules was that you credited me in the blurb or the first chapter.
2wiceTheBandz 2wiceTheBandz Nov 07, 2014
- ajshdwhb this is perf. /.\ why am i just now finding this story ?
notsocarefree notsocarefree Jul 10, 2014
gosh, why ain't read this yet? lol. this seem real dope. and why dill gotta be complicated. that man done bought you a house and you ain't move in yet?
WannaBe__ WannaBe__ Jun 30, 2014
I love that name. Already loving how you started this off. You should have more reads and votes.