A Writer's Tale #2: The Commander's Courage

A Writer's Tale #2: The Commander's Courage

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"Do something you've never done before. You never know how it all might turn out."

Laura is a writer and published author who resides well within her comfort zone. When her editor recommends she write something "a little less realistic" than the cozy, contemporary stories she'd been writing, Laura is more than a little unsure about the idea, though she intends to give it her best shot, on a typewriter she recently purchased at a garage sale.

The methodical writer could never have imagined that the typewriter hid an incredible secret. 

The adventure continues as Laura is taken from a fairytale fantasy world, into a space cruiser in the midst of an intergalactic battle! Aliens board the ship, and all signs point to a traitor in their midst--but who is it? Laura, as the outsider, is already finding it difficult to earn anyone's trust, and the only friends she can find are a lowly tech and a malfunctioning android. Can the three of them locate the traitor and restore power to the ship in time to save the crew and avoid dying in space on an exploding spacecraft?