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My Life As a Ghost

My Life As a Ghost

4.8K Reads 92 Votes 12 Part Story
Gabby Rener By Blueberrytheawesome Updated Apr 10, 2011

You may know me from my running.  You may know me from the newspaper.  But I bet you would never had guessed you'd know me how I am now.  The ghost, not the runner.  Now you'd know me as the savior, the one who will save you from the lies that have been woven inside your life.  Maybe that's how you know me.  But most people haven't heard of my new self, so I'm here to explain it to you.  My Life(as a ghost).

Blueberrytheawesome Blueberrytheawesome Oct 11, 2011
@XdatmacookieX thank you so much! I will do that, if you think it will make it better!
Tazza14 Tazza14 Oct 09, 2011
Hi, I really like this story but I think you should get rid of the brackets in the title. I think it would be better without the brackets. apart from that, I like this story and imma gonna keep reading on now :)
Blueberrytheawesome Blueberrytheawesome Sep 04, 2011
@lolipopmix who knows??? really, you won't find out until the very end, and i haven't even gotten, sorry.
Blueberrytheawesome Blueberrytheawesome Sep 04, 2011
@thenewdarkness oh, it's 'a knife as sharp as ever'.  sorry about that.@leigh_ thank you so much! that really helps!
Blueberrytheawesome Blueberrytheawesome Sep 04, 2011
@SuperFishieJunior yes, why?  she continually looks back at her dad.  to tell yo the truth, she does it so much, he doesn't come out of the car.  and he couldn't se the knife from his point of view, so when she looked back, the guy stabbed her. hope that clears anything up!
Blueberrytheawesome Blueberrytheawesome Jun 02, 2011
@MDSDdancer i will...thanks, I didn't know if people would like it if I went straight into the action, but i'm glad you liked it...i'm trying to consider if I should even up to where i have written, and tell me if it's okay.