That Other Side Of Him

That Other Side Of Him

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Due to some problems at home, Adrien starts misbehaving at school.

He would get in fights with the other boys. He would skip classes whenever he felt like it  He would get suspended. 

But has Cat Noir he's a different person. As Cat Noir, he can be able to visit the one that really makes him happy.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng has a crush on Cat Noir. She would always love it when he visited it her.

But one day, due to some problems, Marinette had to start living with Adrien Agreste in his mansion.

Adrien is mad at his mom, because she's the one who suggested she stays in their place.

Adrien loves her, but the only way he can show his feeling towards Marinette is through Cat Noir.

But what happens when Marinette slowly starts to lose her feelings for Chat, and developed more for Adrien?

Would Adrien have to release his secret to Marinette in order to keep telling her that he lives her?

How far is Adrien going to go to protect Marinette from his father?

Read to find out...

(As of Superheroes/villans, only Chat is in the story. So no Ladybug, no Hawk Moth, no Rena, Carapace, Queen Bee)

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