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El Yannah May By hannaelle0508 Updated May 06

A Tagalog-English Story.

The main character of this story name Elaine Max Fernandez Rivera. She is a daughter of one of the most powerful business tycoon. Somehow everything change when her parents died. 
In her lonely world, she meet Dyren Ash Anderson. The backup lawyer of Tristan, her lawyer for ages and a good friend of hers.

For years her concern is to take revenge to his brother and friends, who treat her like crap. That time all she wants is their company, to mourn with her. However they all left her without any explanation. She was hopeless, felt nothing in her heart. It became empty the day they neglected her.

It change her mind and heart when Dyren came to her life. Strange feeling crept into her, mix emotions that she never felt long time ago. But happiness die suddenly when Elaine find out that Mr. Anderson is falling in love with someone else and that could not be her. She kept away from him, she can't bear the pain she felt.

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