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Why Me?

Why Me?

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Sarah Caniff By SxrxhMxrie Completed

Daniella, or Dani, is Mahogany Gordy's younger sister. Does that sound familiar, well Dani's sister is the one and only Mahogany *LOX*, MAGCon's DJ. Dani and Mahogany are not your everyday siblings, they do not get along. At all. When their parents get tired of their constant fighting, Dani is sent to MAGCon with Mahogany for some 'sibling bonding'. Does Dani find love, or does the whole thing turn out to be one big disaster. Find out what happens in Why Me?

Same people call be Dan or Dani cause my middle name is Danielle my teachers all name Lauren and the rest of my friends all me Ethan.
What I said to my cousin before he left to the army. 😢😭
Epic120 Epic120 Jun 17, 2016
That look is just-UGH it makes me mad just thinking about it.
SlayQueenAsh SlayQueenAsh Jul 29, 2016
Yea brown hair and blue eyes lower it down. That's like HALF of the MagCon guys!!
Winter__Scorpion Winter__Scorpion Oct 10, 2016
I don't like him because he's rude to his fans who made him famous, but his music is great
saulxnanni saulxnanni May 12, 2016
I always sleep with music on. This time my dad didnt wanna hear it so from then i started sleeping wirh earbuds or headphones. Tho I broke the core of my headphones cause i'd always almost choke myself (and my dad would freak out)