A Philosophy A Day

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your neighbor : - ) By YouWereWrong Updated 22 days ago
Hahah. THIS. IS. SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! No, it's actually Wattpad. Anyways, hello, any reader who will just skim by this! Yeah, it looks boring. But is it? Is it really? >.> YES. No. IDGAF. Just read it, bro-- NO. DON'T CLICK AWAY. Move your stupid mouse back to the-- Yes, there you go. Click on it. Exactly. Thank you. Cool story, bro. WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS? YOU SHOULD BE READING THE STORY. UH HUH. GO CLICK THAT BUTTON, GURL. OR BOI. I DON'T CARE. NOW YOU'RE A GURL. SUCK IT. Ahahaha... SERIOUSLY THOUGH. STOP READING THIS AND READ THE DAMN STORY THING! BRO! GET YOUR---ARE YOU STILL READING THIS?! ARE YOU A BARREL?? **GASP** I-I thought we were friends...
@OTAKU_X3 xD Obviously. The debt just buries her, and it upsets her even more due to the back pain. :P))