The Twin Prince's Younger Mate

The Twin Prince's Younger Mate

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shaela By Shaelajo Updated Dec 25, 2015

Dellaeny Tiana Mitchelle is a curious young 13 year old werewolf. Come her 18th birthday she will shift and find her mate. If she's lucky her overprotective family will approve.

All werewolves shift on their 18th birthday no matter their rank. That's how the Moon Goddess set things up.

When it comes time for the twin werewolf princes, Ashton and Blake, to turn 18, many things happen. They know that they will share a mate and complete an ancient prophecy. What they don't know, who is their mate.

  • elements
  • love
  • prophecy
  • romance
  • survival
  • twins
  • werewolf
Demon_Dragon03 Demon_Dragon03 Jul 09, 2017
Imagines a baby popping the bubble wrap that they are wrapped up in
WinterMayweather WinterMayweather Sep 24, 2017
Why are their shorts so short there going to catch a yeast infection
Ive made a deal with my mom that I will wear dresses when she needs me to but I'm wearing hightop converse, same goes for my wedding and prom
I-Am-Chocolate I-Am-Chocolate Mar 13, 2017
I like/kinda of love dresses with dresses so then I can stash cookie there for emergencies
PannyRay PannyRay May 12, 2017
*When your trying not to be a grammar nazi but it's just soo tempting to correct--*
darkhazee darkhazee Sep 26, 2017
That's tall for 13. I'm not even 5'3. That's actually kinda sad. I'll leave now.